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Our Best Self

Aug 6, 2019

On this episode,

Stress has wrecked my life. 

Relationships become strained. Physical health is permanently impacted, and professionally we just aren't producing our best. 

Funny thing, is stress is from many angles and a few we don't think about directly - work stress; stress from others; training stress, and stress from loved ones are known. Your body reacts equally to the stress itself, and our bodies have an amazing capacity to adapt / tackle the stress we encounter.

That said, to manage and set ourselves on a long, happy, healthy, and successful arc we can only endure so much stress at a given time. Think of your body as a bank account. Stress pulls from that account. Rest, recovery, playtime, and such refill that account. 

To be your best self, you cannot run a negative balance. You can run a pretty tight balance so long as you allow yourself to rebound. How do you adapt to stress? Do you change your daily workouts to reflect if you are sick / have a huge meeting presentation / stressed about the health of a loved one? Are you more mindful of how you interact and make decisions based on life stresses? Consider how you adapt and how you set yourself up to win in each moment.


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