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Our Best Self

James — is a senior executive coming from hardship and struggle. In and out of poverty. Proven in building businesses through Venture Capital mixed with plenty of failures that continue to set new life habits. A passionate father, patent holder, 4x author, and professional Coach to professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes.

In this channel James shares series and how to tips to help you achieve your goals; avoid mistakes, and have a better life. I am sharing to enable you. Ultimately, this also provides me a personal reflection perspective on what I've created, reminders of lessons, and perhaps inspiration for those building upon my work.

Aug 30, 2023

Hard bad times always arrive.
Hard good times are blessings too.
Here we discuss the mindset and challenges that life delivers, both the good and the bad.
Ultimately, You are in control
You are, you control your action; your energy, and what you do. That doesn't mean life won't provide you with interruptions,...

Aug 23, 2023

A giant challenge is finding time to get things done. Our goals, dreams, and in some cases the demands of regular life. In this show I share a method that can free hours from your day - without waking at 5am!

You can find the live video version of this presentation here on YouTube -

Aug 16, 2023




Bad day?


There are a million reasons why you and I could NOT do what is good for our health, our family, our business, and our community. The quitting road is often called the easy road, but it also where you fail to get that promotion, have health problems, and lose out.

Quitting only...

Aug 9, 2023

Perseverance - finding your capacity

Ever found yourself knee-deep in quicksand?

What’s next is what makes you. Men, fathers, especially, resonate with this.

  • The world on your shoulders? It's part of the gig.
  • Sleepless nights staring the ceiling down? Comes with the package.
  • Juggling work and family like a circus...