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Our Best Self

James — is a senior executive coming from hardship and struggle. In and out of poverty. Proven in building businesses through Venture Capital mixed with plenty of failures that continue to set new life habits. A passionate father, patent holder, 4x author, and professional Coach to professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes.

In this channel James shares series and how to tips to help you achieve your goals; avoid mistakes, and have a better life. I am sharing to enable you. Ultimately, this also provides me a personal reflection perspective on what I've created, reminders of lessons, and perhaps inspiration for those building upon my work.

Jan 7, 2021

When I look at my life and those I advise the biggest fault is the persona as defined by where they born, what friends they have, and where they live. It is so rampant that I see people stuck in careers and substantial debt simply because their families and friends. Ultimately you get to decide what you value and how...