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Our Best Self

Nov 25, 2020

Life is short.

You and I will die, and therefore we MUST use the time we have as a blessing and take action. We must love who we can love. We must touch, taste, experience, see, feel, create, and have impact. We must because life is short.

I was struck with a neighbors death and after working through the thoughts I wrote down ideas on how I can live a life forward without regret. I share them in this video.

Think on your life - what matters; what doesn't matter?

  • How many summers do you have?
  • How many does your mom or dad?
  • What if you died in March?
  • What if you died in 50 years?

How would you change, what would you keep, and then what?? These are the foundations to unlocking what matters.

Please take that time. Chasing my best self, and sharing the journey; struggle; lessons; and unlocks