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Our Best Self

Nov 18, 2020

Try out my 7 DAY Content Challenge to DISCOVER your potential and product possibilities

A hard lesson for everyone who has ever sought to create anything - big or small. Here I share the takeaways from a discussion with extremely talented artists and business "to be" founders. I wish I had recorded it honestly - it was several hours of great discussion.

Challenges we tackle today:

Chasing shiny objects...

Having so many good ideas - how do you choose?

How can your ideas contribute to each other?

What is the relationship between each of your ideas?

Is this project a side hustle or an escape?

How do I start my business? How do I start creating content?

7 DAY Challenge - make and then review Lessons I have learned there hard way .... 1. The Speed of Start 2. Testing the product to prove out an idea, stop thinking on it - just see what the market says 3. Waiting for the right expertise and equipment I waited 20+ years of achieving the most challenging product launches and saving the largest businesses, as I was concerned I didn't have ENOUGH experience to share. I also was incredibly busy doing the work, and now understand that sharing these lessons in real time would have made the work even better.

Lesson learned.