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Our Best Self

Nov 11, 2020

How to FIND out the type of content you should make.

3 factors that limit your creativity and ultimate production, and examples on how to break out of the social media lines. You MUST create content. Whether it is to build a social media following (not my primary goal) or to bring awareness to your passion projects (yes!).

For example, I raised $100,000 over a year creating content to build and open a hospital in Rwanda. It now serves 1,700 patients a month in an area where 93% of the population had never had any medical treatment. We have given birth to babies and addressing malaria before it creates permanent harm. This is the content. That personal mission was content. Use your knowledge and skills to have an impact, and these tips to unlock your capabilities. I created this video after dozens of discussions with incredibly experienced and talented individuals. Every discussion followed the same path of judgement, dead ends, and lack of connection with audiences. I myself had these challenges, and even today begin new creative efforts from ground zero and share these pains.

Take any of these insights to better yourself, but also (selfishly) better the world with your insights. Let me know your thoughts

Chasing my best self, and sharing the journey; struggle; lessons; and unlocks