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Our Best Self

James — is a senior executive coming from hardship and struggle. In and out of poverty. Proven in building businesses through Venture Capital mixed with plenty of failures that continue to set new life habits. A passionate father, patent holder, 4x author, and professional Coach to professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes.

In this channel James shares series and how to tips to help you achieve your goals; avoid mistakes, and have a better life. I am sharing to enable you. Ultimately, this also provides me a personal reflection perspective on what I've created, reminders of lessons, and perhaps inspiration for those building upon my work.

Nov 20, 2019

On this episode,

On my journey over the past year I have helped build a hospital in Rwanda, become intensive on writing articles online, and professionally extended my technology and coaching activities. Creating a very full schedule. Here I share what I hope are takeaways and habits that serve me. Let me know in the...

Oct 29, 2019

On this episode,

The power of the internet allows you to be niche - be you - be unique ... here is how..

See more on my article on Medium too:

To create anything you need unabashedly focused effort. A singular obsessive and maniacal focus. Yes, THAT...

Sep 15, 2019

On this episode, how do you see the bright side? How can you set up your mind and actions to achieve the goals ahead. I find myself in the hardest of situations and some are not my own. At times those I mentor and support share dark and tough challenges. These are life threatening, include death, and the worst of...

Aug 13, 2019

On this episode, how many times are you finding yourself challenging culture? I find myself challenging it all the time and when I look at it, it really gets me fired up because when I'm thinking about the people I work with, the people that I am either either from an employment perspective, a team, or a partner. Here...

Aug 6, 2019

On this episode,

Stress has wrecked my life. 

Relationships become strained. Physical health is permanently impacted, and professionally we just aren't producing our best. 

Funny thing, is stress is from many angles and a few we don't think about directly - work stress; stress from others; training stress, and stress...