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Our Best Self

Aug 13, 2019

How many times are you finding yourself challenging culture? I find myself challenging it all the time and when I look at it, it really gets me fired up because when I'm thinking about the people I work with, the people that I am either either from an employment perspective, a team, or a partner. Here I dive into this topic and navigating it.

Our greatest potential is by building up everyone together. All boats rise together, build the highest building in the neighborhood. Whatever your visual is, it requires us to be together. Now, that doesn't mean that we can't succeed on our own, but the scale and the impact that we can have, that success is 100% dependent on the people that we are working with. And if you try to do your grand vision alone or you try to push people, you try to micromanage, you don't give them space, are going to burn them out. You're going to, they're not going to see the why. They're not going to see the vision. They might do exactly what you ask and that might be exactly wrong, right?

Excited to share this perspective as the employee and the leader's perspective today. 

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